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Knowledge transfer

It’s great to see when customers pick up on ‘lean’ ideas, run with them and make real improvements to their own business. In 2015, the MVP Roundtable Group visited mattress and bed manufacturer, Sealy, and learning from that, Raxworthy European has implemented a number of ideas into their own business. The results have been so impressive for the Christchurch repairer, we actually took the MVP Roundtable Group along to see them!


One key change has been to introduce a series of colour coded charts to keep staff informed of targets and to measure progress. Because, as owner Craig Raxworthy says, “if you don’t have a target, you don’t know where you are”. The charts measure a variety of areas, including the number of jobs completed and the number of reworks, and having this knowledge on-hand has helped the Paint and Panel Teams improve their results to the point where they are the best they have ever been!


The second key change was to introduce proactive maintenance and monitoring of tool spare parts. It might not sound like much but a job can be stopped in its tracks if a tool fails or a spare part runs out – for instance, spot welder tips. Based on the method used at Sealy, all maintenance information is now recorded in folders which are kept in one place and a system has been put in place to ensure a minimum stock level of spare parts for tools.