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A Matter of Trust: FleetSpec

A major revamp of PPG’s FleetPool branding is highlighting the vast number of trusted partnerships the unique network has with large and small fleets right across the region.

When it comes to supporting the heavy vehicle sector, a specialised paint system is just the start. PPG’s FleetPool Network actually goes a significant step further by offering a complete package of products and services tailored to Commercial Transport (CT) operators. For over two decades, this region-wide network of independent commercial vehicle refinishers and repairers has specialised in the repair, re-livery and refurbishment of heavy vehicles, including trucks, buses, trailers and other heavy equipment. Members utilise best practice procedures and high-tech products and equipment (including PPG coatings) to provide quality workmanship, on time delivery, integrity, value for money and reduced vehicle downtime, no matter where in the country they are.
New FleetPool branding builds on the trust factor
The latest FleetPool branding makeover projects a fresh, professional image which is perfectly in tune with the network’s commitment to fleet operators. At a time when CT vehicles continue to play a key role in the movement of goods, the FleetPool Network is more relevant than ever, says Fabian Gaida, PPG Market Development Manager.
“Services for the CT sector need to be cost effective but two other factors have cemented the PPG FleetPool Network as a trusted partner. At the end of the day, fleet operators must minimise vehicle downtime and the FleetPool Network has become the trusted partner for quickly getting vehicles back onto the road. The other crucial factor for fleets is that no shortcuts are taken – vehicles are always repaired to manufacturers specifications for critical safety aspects so there are no nasty surprises down the track.”
As well as a quality finish, the FleetPool Network offers fleets unparalleled consistency, thanks to the PPG FleetSpec option. Prepared in conjunction with the fleet operator, FleetSpec is a unique document detailing the individual fleet’s livery specifications. This FleetSpec manual is distributed to all FleetPool members so that anyone needing to paint any vehicle in the fleet has the tools needed to precisely duplicate the colours and design every time. It’s just one more reason why many large, national operators (including Linfox, Finemore, Toll, Kalari and Australia Post) trust PPG for their fleets.
An enduring favourite of the CT sector, PPG’s DELFLEET® Evolution paint system is used on the production lines of many leading local truck, bus and trailer manufacturers, as well as being available to the CT refinish sector, including the PPG FleetPool Network. This delivers major benefits in term of matching the original ‘factory’ colour, quality and durability. Contact your PPG Territory Manager or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).