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Colour shifting attention seeker

Is there another high energy, colour shifting finish that grabs as much attention as HARLEQUIN® by PPG?

When it was launched over 20 years ago, Harlequin’s ability to literally shift from one colour to a totally different colour depending on the light condition and the angle it’s viewed from, simply blew people away. Two decades later, this Mazda RX-7, shows that Harlequin has lost none of its magic!
The spectacular paintjob was recently done by The Bump Shop, a collision repairer in Brisbane which is renowned for the quality of collision repair work it produces. Joe Cubito is part of The Bump Shop management team and says the paint shop crew took the Harlequin job in their stride.
“The owner wanted his RX-7 redone in a genuine PPG Harlequin finish so we sourced a selection of colour sample chips from our PPG Territory Manager, Craig Page. After the owner chose Harlequin ‘green to purple’, we ordered what we needed via Scottie at Peninsula Paint Supplies. Harlequin might create an amazing finish but it’s not a difficult colour to apply. When he saw it, the owner was over the moon and everybody loves the look of it. We put it up on social media and got a lot of great comment and shares on Facebook and Instagram. The curvy shape of the RX-7 is perfect for showing off the colour flip. It lets you stand in one spot and see the full spectrum of the amazing Harlequin colour shifting effect!”
Harlequin is just one of a dazzling palette of colours and mind-blowing special effects finishes available as part of the VIBRANCE COLLECTION® by PPG. With a complete set of Vibrance Collection branded primers and clearcoat, it lets you bring your dream project to life from start to finish with just one system. For more information go to www.vibrancenetwork.com.au.