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Envirobase Sets the High-Water Mark

A remarkable combination of speed, efficiency, colour capability and ease-of-use have cemented ENVIROBASE® High Performance as the region’s most popular refinish system.

There is a common misconception that using low-VOC refinish technology means compromise. However, there is an eco-friendly choice that is also a good business decision – PPG’s Envirobase High Performance paint system. Not only is it officially the region’s most popular refinish solution, it’s also the product of choice for high volume repairers where speed, ease-of-use and reduced cycle-time is crucial. Nowadays, Envirobase High Performance is a complete refinish system, including a suite of next generation primers and clearcoats. From a strong foundation and exceptional colour capability, through to a superbly glossy final finish, there is everything a modern collision centre needs in terms of productivity and profitability.
LVP-219 EnviroPRIME™ - A versatile, quick-drying primer that is easy to apply and sand and offers excellent film-build, surface levelling and gloss holdout over a wide range of substrates.
LVP-201/205/207 EnviroLOCK (G1, G5 and G7) – Available in three spectral grey shades, features include fast, easy application, minimal need for sanding and a long recoat window.
LVC-136 EN-V Performance Clearcoat - Easy to apply and polish, this clearcoat is perfect for reproducing that crisp, clean, factory clearcoat look.
LVC-105 EnviroFIVE™ - A ground-breaking PPG-developed technology that cures to a hard, glossy, premium finish in just five minutes, yet with none of the typical ‘fast’ clear downsides.
LVC-104 EnviroFLOW™ - Produces an exceptional finish ideal for prestige repair work, high end resprays and refurbishments.
At every step of the refinish process, the Envirobase High Performance benefits are too good to ignore, says John Hristias, PPG Business Support Manager Asia / Pacific. “We are talking about a complete low-VOC system that delivers on every level. For example, in most cases application is just a single-visit mode (a light initial coat immediately followed by a full wet coat) so there is no flash-off time. At the same time, it requires about 25% less product to do it. However, what really makes a big difference to paint shop performance is the shortened booth cycle-time which frees your team up to get more jobs through the booth each day without having to work harder. Technicians can be a little worried about switching to low-VOC technology but the feedback we get is all about excellent colour accuracy, easy blending and aluminium control, fast flash-off and first-class opacity that gives great coverage. It’s why we are happy to put the Envirobase High Performance paint system up against anything on the market. In fact, we encourage anyone thinking about switching to low-VOC technology to do thorough research, get demonstrations in their paint shop and speak to current users – there are no shortage of them when it comes to the Envirobase High Performance paint system!”
For more information, contact your PPG Territory Manager or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).