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Fast cure for the booth bottleneck

Rather than the cost and hassle of investing in specialised paint curing equipment, why not simply choose products that have advanced fast-cure technology built in?

When it comes to reducing cycle-time and freeing up more booth time to process more jobs, PPG has a variety of cost effective, user-friendly and easy to implement product options you can access right now. It starts at the priming stage where PPG’s top selling UV8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer offers the remarkable ability to work 75% faster on smaller, quick turnaround repairs. The fact that it cures in only three minutes under an approved ultraviolet lamp (such as the Honle LED UV Lamp from PPG) helps it make a valuable contribution to cycle-time reduction but this is just one of the many advantages. Because it comes in a super-convenient aerosol can there is no mixing and no waste – just shake, spray the required area and after curing and sanding, the priming / topcoat process can begin immediately. UV8080 can also produce amazing, single application film builds of up to 120 microns and, because it’s transparent when cured, the primer patch doesn’t increase the repair size, thus saving on topcoat application. Last, but not least, aerosol delivery creates very little overspray which saves on masking time, materials and disposal costs.
Building on this speed is as easy as using the region’s most popular refinish system, PPG’s ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat system. As well as being amazingly user-friendly and easy to blend, it can also be tack-ragged and de-nibbed. Best of all, Envirobase HP offers incredible speed, even compared with solvent-borne, with flash-off time that is exceptionally quick. When it comes to adding a final piece to your cycle-time reduction, as well as to the job, it’s difficult to go past PPG’s LVC-105 EnviroFIVE Clearcoat. Featuring all new resin technology that resets the benchmark for modern clearcoats, it offers the extraordinary ability to cure in just five minutes, yet without any compromises. Where conventional ‘fast’ clears can be finicky to apply and lose gloss after baking, EnviroFIVE is very easy to apply and reproduce any factory clearcoat finish. Further advantages include no flash-off between coats or prior to baking, a super short bake time which saves on booth energy consumption and easy polishing. What’s more, a long pot life (compared to ‘fast’ clears) means it’s perfect for anything from a spot repair, through to multiple panels.
In a modern collision repair centre where the spray booth is often a limiting factor for production capacity, this trio of off-the-shelf products are just an example of the unprecedented PPG options on offer to help cut booth cycle-time without investing in extra equipment.
For more information on PPG’s ‘best practice’ products and processes, contact your PPG Representative or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24.