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Find It, Paint It

Don’t have the paint code for a vehicle’s exterior or interior colour, trim, etc? No problem – just Paint It!

How cool would it be to be able to stand in front of a vehicle and, without even knowing its paint code, have the ability to conveniently look up its exterior colour, trim colour, wheel colour, etc, even if you are far away from a refinish paint shop? With PPG Paint It you can! And you can do it on any mobile device that has an internet connection. Rather than being an ‘app’, PPG Paint It is actually an innovative web-based colour tool designed to offer an interactive approach to colour identification and selection. Best of all, there is no need for special software and no subscription required. All you need is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or even desktop computer which can be used to navigate to www.ppgpaintit.com


In basic terms, Paint It provides an easy and convenient search option to find the colours used on imported vehicles starting with model year 2008. Updates are continually added when they become available. To make it easier to get a fast, accurate result, there is an array of search features and functionalities. Searches can be conducted via geographical region (Asia / Pacific, North America, Europe, etc) and further narrowed down by selecting the vehicle manufacturer, the specific model, the model year and the colour family, as well as whether it’s solid, metallic, etc. It’s also possible to refine the search by ‘Usage’, if you are just looking for a specific roof colour, an under-bonnet colour, trim colour or wheel colour, rather than the main exterior colour.


Not only this, Paint It also displays very handy on-screen digital colour representation ‘squares’, in either ‘grid view’ or ‘graph view’. As the search criteria is narrowed, the digital colour squares get larger, once again helping to identify the target colour. It’s also possible to show digital representations of just one colour group. For example, there may be six different reds available on a particular model and these can be isolated and displayed next to each other so that subtle differences between them become more obvious. Clicking on each colour square links to the colour name, the manufacturers code and other useful information.


Thanks to PPG Paint It, your smart phone or other mobile device in now a powerful colour tool that links you directly to a vast database of information, no matter where you are!