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Fleet Footed

When it comes to offering CT fleet operators a high-quality finish and a comprehensive list of time saving services, PPG’s FleetPool network comes fully loaded.

Imagine you are running a large national Commercial Transport (CT) fleet from your office in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. and a company merger means you have to go through a complete relivery project. This means finding an effective method for ensuring the company’s branding is strong and consistent on all vehicles, from vans and rigid trucks through to prime movers and b-double trailers, which might be spread across the four corners of the country. Where do you start? In another scenario, say one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an accident in the relative middle of nowhere. Who can you turn to?
Unique opportunities
When faced with these complications, a growing number of fleets have been turning to PPG’s FleetPool network, according to Fabian Gaida, PPG Market Development Manager. “PPG FleetPool is unique in our market in so many ways. There is no other network that offers the spread of coverage, the consistency and commitment and is prepared to work together to support customers. It’s a very attractive package for fleet operators because it takes the load off them. Brand image is extremely important to these companies and FleetPool helps them maintain brand consistency whether their vehicle is going to an outlet in Cairns, Hobart, Auckland, Perth, etc. It’s the same products being used, the same colours and the application process which all leads to the same quality end result.”
Fleet partnerships
“Each of the FleetPool members are independent businesses but they choose to work as a team. PPG plays its part, too. It gives us a strong, regionwide group with which to approach large fleets and talk to them about how we can assist with maintaining the presentation of their vehicles. Fleet operators always see it as a positive. In fact, nowadays, the services the PPG FleetPool network provide are so well known, it’s frequently fleet operators who approach us looking for a hassle-free solution. Often, we can be talking about large projects where a trusted partner is essential. For example, after a company merger, we have seen fleets have to relivery as many as 700 vehicles. You need to be dealing with a specialist to get that sort of project done on time and on budget!”
“Each fleet not only has a specific design and colours but also a range of different pieces of equipment it has to go onto. To cater to this, PPG developed FleetSpec. Basically, PPG technical specialists will work directly with the fleet operator to create a tailored specification. Whether it’s a rigid truck, a prime mover, a crane or even a boat, we detail exactly how the livery design fits to each vehicle type, the appropriate products to use and the process to get the job done with a high quality end result. We also provide the fleet with colour spray-outs. Once the fleet operator signs off on it, the FleetSpec manual is distributed to all FleetPool members so that anyone needing to paint any vehicle in the fleet knows the exact systems and colours to use so that they match every time.”
Made for the long haul
Each FleetPool member utilises PPG’s DELFLEET® Evolution paint system which was developed specifically for CT applications. Virtually every leading truck manufacturer in the world, including Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, MAN, Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi, has used Delfleet Evolution to coat literally tens of thousands of vehicles. This is repeated on the local market where PPG supplies truck manufacturers Kenworth, Iveco, Volvo and Mack, as well as major coach and bus makers. Importantly, the Delfleet Evolution system used ‘on-line’ by OEMs is exactly the same product available to refinish users which gives them significant advantages in terms of quickly and accurately matching the original ‘factory’ colour, quality finish and durability.
What is the FleetPool network?
PPG’s FleetPool network is actually a global initiative which started over two decades ago with the aim of giving CT operators access to all the support they need, whether they run a single vehicle or a large national fleet. It’s made up of carefully selected and accredited independent CT repair and refinish businesses, conveniently situated across Australia and New Zealand. These professionals specialise in the repair, re-livery (branding change) and refurbishment of heavy vehicles, ranging from trucks and trailers, to buses and other heavy equipment. Importantly, all FleetPool members commit to using best practice processes and the latest technology products and equipment (including PPG paints and the support of PPG technical expertise) and are quality certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 16949 standards. The FleetPool network is focused on providing a consistently high standard of service, quality workmanship, on time delivery, integrity, value for money and reduced vehicle downtime, no matter where in the region they are.