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Iridium – an investment in productivity!

Thanks to efficiency gains that far outweigh any extra cost per disc, MIRKA’s Iridium® range has been quickly adopted by repairers looking to save time, money and materials.

In the modern collision repair process, it’s crucial to invest in products that reduce cycle-time in order to process more jobs and boost profitability. Instead of focusing on a product’s price tag, it’s all about ‘return on investment’ and MIRKA’s premium paper-backed abrasive range, ‘Iridium’, is a perfect example, according to Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products.
“When it arrived in 2019, Iridium came with a unique new abrasive technology which gives it an aggressive cut that is long lasting and has the bonus of repelling dust to prevent clogging. As a new technology, the initial purchase price is a little higher but it promises a strong return on investment for local repairers so we put it to the test. Over two full days we tested the Iridium range against eight other premium abrasives and we used a scientific approach to accurately measure the results. Following a detailed cost analysis, we found that Iridium not only out performs the best, its impressive ability to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp also made it a more cost-effective option when compared to conventional technologies that sold on price, rather than performance. However, we are not asking repairers to take our word for it. Just give Iridium a go and prove it for yourself – many already have and have become instant converts.”
Technology driven efficiency
Although it’s a paper-backed abrasive, Iridium represents a striking shift in technology. An innovative new manufacturing process ensures the abrasive grains are very precisely applied exactly where they are needed and there is a lot more grains per disc. MIRKA also developed a new UV cured resin that lock the grains down onto the paper, as well as giving the abrasive surface a non-stick characteristic which repel dusts. Combining this with a new computer designed, laser-cut multi-hole pattern, gives Iridium super-efficient dust extraction performance and exceptional lifespan.
Available in coarse to fine grits, Iridium efficiently tackling everyday tasks, such as paint stripping, by powering through even the hardest of clearcoats, thus saving valuable labour time. It’s the same for paint preparation where it produces an excellent scratch pattern perfectly tuned to primers and fillers. Combined with the clog free abrasive coating, this helps eliminate costly reworks by preventing the development of dust pills which leave frustrating pigtail swirls in the surface. No wonder Iridium is a cut above the rest!
PPG is the exclusive distributor of MIRKA products across Australia and New Zealand.