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Nitro Series Fine-tuned for Collision and Restorations

By listening, observing and then optimising, Dynabrade has created the new Nitro Series which is specifically designed for quick and efficient collision repair and restoration work.

Automotive technicians, including panel beaters and spray painters, face specific challenges as they tackle a wide range of tasks throughout the working day. By partnering with a variety of automotive technicians, the development team at legendary American tool brand, Dynabrade, set about gathered detailed feedback and observed how people used the tools. What they found was a daily routine where jobs often required a diverse selection of specialised tools. This was the catalyst for creating the Nitro Series – an all new range of tools with characteristics specially tuned to the needs of the automotive sector, including everyday tasks performed by collision repair and restoration professionals.
Value for money
Designed at Dynabrade’s Buffalo New York facility, the new Nitro Series is easily recognisable by its classy black and orange colour scheme. What’s more, each tool offers a special feel and capability that makes them extremely satisfying to use, as well as extremely reliable and efficient. Features include ergonomic designs that takes into account how each individual tool is used. This means they are comfortable to hold, with minimal vibration, thus making them easy to control and use for long periods without fatigue. The Nitro Series also takes advantage of Dynabrade’s outstanding pneumatic motor design which is extremely powerful, yet also air efficient, ultra-reliable and long lasting.
Although these are not cheap tools, you definitely get what you pay for. For example, take overall performance and service life into account and Nitro Series tools represent terrific value. In fact, these purpose-designed tool can offer a rapid return on investment thanks to the ability to complete tasks more quickly or in a different fashion than traditional methods which can contribute to improved workshop productivity. From vehicle strip down and repair through to paint preparation and polishing, valuable minutes of labour time can be saved, thus reducing cycle-time and, in turn, helping to maximise profitability. What’s more, in contrast to the average ‘throwaway’ tool, the long lifespan of Nitro Series tools means the efficiency benefits can be enjoyed long into the future.
Nitro Series range
Whether repairing an accident damaged vehicle or restoring or customising a vehicle, you will find a broad selection of tool you can rely on.
  • NitroZip Surface Conditioning Tool Kit
  • Straight-line Die Grinder
  • Right angle Disc Sander
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Mini-Nitro File
For more information contact PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).