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Obsession with Improvement

When you take a look at each successive generation of SATA product, it’s easy to wonder how the company’s R&D team manage to consistently keep coming up with significant improvement. Whether it’s a spray gun, an air-fed hood or a compressed air filter unit, the quality, performance and attention to detail is already at the cutting-edge so how do they make it better?

After a recent visit to the SATA headquarters in Kornwestheim, Germany, John Hristias, PPG Business Support Manager Asia / Pacific, reckons he has a better understanding.
“This was my second tour at SATA and I was just as amazed as the first time. SATA is still very much a growing business – more staff, more new equipment and they have expanded the production area in order to dramatically ramp up production numbers. Having said that, one of the most impressive things was how the company gathers data and feedback in order to improve the next generation of products. One of the key ways is by utilises the onsite SATA repair centre where they repair SATA equipment from across Europe and around the world. Each piece of equipment that comes in is recorded on a log and then, every lunchtime, members of the SATA management team get together and use that log to review the details on every single repair job. As they sift through the data, they are constantly on the lookout for any possible area that can be improved. What it means is that SATA doesn’t just design a spray gun and forget about it. This obsessive attention to detail actually allows SATA to monitor its products from the time it’s launched, all the way through its lifecycle. Good or bad, they take feedback very seriously and it all goes into the system to create better products. Despite how good its products already are, SATA continues to invest – not just in money but also in time. SATA’s R&D team might have a very tough job but by spending the time to understand exactly how its products are used and perform in paint shops around the world, it’s able to keep coming up with market leading technologies that are go to the next level.”
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