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PPG Tech Tip: Investment Strategy

What is your business investment strategy?

Doing the research
For most modern collision repair centres, the priority is on reducing cycle-time in order to process more jobs and boost profitability. To do this, it’s vital to research each step in your processes and only invest in products or equipment that will help get the desired result. For instance, abrasives. Do you buy cheap or spend a few cents more per disc for a high-performance product, like MIRKA Iridium, that cuts faster and last longer, therefore reducing cycle-time and boosting profitability. It’s the same when choosing a spray booth – how quickly does it reach bake temperature, how long does the cool-down cycle last, etc. Rather than fixate on price, get into the habit of applying a return on investment assessment to each product or piece of equipment you use.
Return on investment
Typically, a cheaper sticker price means older technology that comes with hidden drawbacks. Older technology is cheaper for a reason! Although the latest technology might cost more at the initial stage, it can deliver a significant return on investment when you factor in the overall costs. To prove it, the PPG technical team conducted a comprehensive, real-world comparison between the long running AUTOTHANE® HS Clearcoat and PPG’s high-tech LVC-104 EnviroFLOW Clearcoat. It’s worth noting that a similar result could be expected from any of PPG’s high-tech clearcoats, such as LVC-136 EN-V Performance Clearcoat.
Looking at initial cost per litre, Autothane HS Clearcoat appeared to have a massive advantage. However, when the team took into account the RFU mix, the material consumption per job, the labour time impact (application time, flash-off between coats, etc.) and the cycle-time saving, EnviroFLOW Clearcoat had come from behind to take a clear lead as a far more cost effective product and it wasn’t even close. Just this one product is capable of trimming around 20 to 30 minutes from an average booth cycle-time, day-in, day-out. If you wished, bake time can be slashed even further by switching to LVC-105 EnviroFIVE Clearcoat which cures in as little as five minutes with no downsides! No matter what part of the repair process you focus on, the ability to invest in products and equipment that allow you to save overall costs and process more jobs per day, week, month, etc, seems like a pretty effective investment strategy to me!
For detailed information, contact your PPG Training Manager or MVP Business Solutions Manager or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).