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SEM Products Heading Downunder

PPG’s acquisition of SEM Products is set to give local repairers access to the enhanced speed, efficiency and quality of this industry leading range of collision repair consumables.

Although it’s a relatively small company, SEM Products has made a big name for itself, particularly in the brand’s home market of North America. With its long history of developing innovative, customer focused solutions, SEM Products was seen as an ideal fit with PPG, resulting in an acquisition being made in late 2018. This is great news for Australian and New Zealand collision repairers because they are now one of the first regions to get access to a large, high quality, market proven consumables range. Basically, the SEM Products portfolio consists of specialised adhesives, fillers and sealers designed to achieve an OEM style finish on automotive repair and refinish jobs.


Solutions that innovate

Building close partnerships with its customer base has allowed the SEM Products R&D team to react very quickly to any changes or needs in the market – whether it’s developing new technologies or refining an existing product. When a new repair trend or technique emerges, ‘outside the box’ thinking has been used to develop creative and effective solutions for technicians in both the panel shop and the paint shop. For example, the SEM Products team introduced its Built Better motto which highlights its ongoing commitment to develop high quality products that boost repair speed and end finish quality, while minimising labour time.


Training as close as your smart device

A strong focus on training makes it particularly easy to understand exactly how to get the best from each item in the SEM Products range, whether you are a regular or a first-time user. The backbone is a SEM Products YouTube channel packed with instructional videos covering a wide selection of products. Clear step-by-step instructions are backed by helpful tips and techniques to simplify each task. It’s super convenient to watch on your phone or other mobile device to brush up before tackling a live job.


Rollout in stages

With such a large and diverse product range, local launches are scheduled to take place in stages. Leading the first wave is SEM Product’s market leading range of 1K seam sealer materials, comprising a regular version and a sprayable option. A choice of colours (White, Grey, Beige and Black) helps match the original OEM sealer, they are paintable immediately and they will remain flexible, without shrinking or cracking. This is backed by a wide selection of applicators, tips and accessories to make it easier to mimic virtually any OEM style finish and quickly produce a professional appearance. What they all have in common is superior SEM Products design which delivers increased process speed and efficiency.