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SEM Products Plastic Repair Solutions - Speed with Simplicity

Featuring fast curing two-pack technology, all-new SEM Products plastic repair solutions are here to boost productivity and profitability on these common repair scenarios.

Damaged plastic components are a familiar sight in modern collision centres so the ability to more efficiently deal with them is a big advantage and this is where two new additions to the local SEM Products range provide outstanding opportunities. As the name suggests, Dual-Mix Multi-Plastic Repair Material is the ideal choice for the majority of plastic types, while Dual-Mix Problem Plastic Repair Material provides an option for rare type plastics.
Introducing speed with simplicity
Both of these new products are epoxy based and feature SEM Products’ unique two-pack technology that delivers fast curing times that allow you to process the job more quickly. Despite being packed with high tech features, this system has been deliberately designed for simplicity which then makes it very easy to train, as well as being foolproof to use. For example, in contrast to many other plastic repair systems, both Dual-Mix Multi-Plastic Repair Material and Dual-Mix Problem Plastic Repair Material can be applied directly over raw plastic without any need for an adhesion promotor. As a result, a technician can’t ‘accidently’ miss a step that is not there! In addition, the same SEM Products material is used on the inside and outside of the plastic repair and both sides can be done simultaneously – there is no need to wait for one side to cure before continuing. Yet another advantage is that the feather-edge goes right into the existing paintwork, rather than having to feather-edge into raw plastic and then having a second feather-edge into the existing paintwork. All of these simplified steps help to avoid the potential for reworks. As the final finish, a polyester body filler can by applied over the top before sanding.
While it’s obvious that Dual-Mix Multi-Plastic Repair Material and Dual-Mix Problem Plastic Repair Material are very versatile products, they are not designed to replace plastic welding. For example, they are not recommended for tears that go right to the edge of a panel – this is where plastic welding is a more effective solution. Rather, these SEM Products solutions provide a simple, fast and effective solution for certain common repairs, such as a hole or tear in a bumper bar facia:
  • Prep both sides, including dishing out the damaged area.
  • Place masking tape over the outside of the repair and then apply SEM Products Plastic Repair Reinforcing Tape on the inside.
  • Apply the plastic repair material on the inside. Place some SEM Products Plastic Repair Contouring Tape over it and use a spreader to smooth out the material. The Plastic Repair Contouring Tape can be removed after curing and reused on further jobs.
  • Turn the bumper over, remove the masking tape, apply plastic repair material over the outside and spread it out.
  • In 15 minutes, it’s cured and sanding can begin.
As well as repairing accident damage, Dual-Mix Multi-Plastic Repair Material and Dual-Mix Problem Plastic Repair Material can be used in awkward situations, such as when a bumper (new or second hand) arrives with something like sensor holes or an extra indicator hole which doesn’t match the vehicle in your workshop. Either way, simply use the above process to eliminate the unwanted holes rather than having to wait for the correct bumper to arrive.
Video evidence
One of the beauties of SEM Products is the extensive library of instructional videos on the company’s Youtube channel, SEM Products Inc. There you can find very handy examples of the step-by-step process for using a wide variety of products, including Dual-Mix Multi-Plastic Repair Material and Dual-Mix Problem Plastic Repair Material.
SEM Products is a PPG company. A range of products are available from SEM Products authorised distributors.