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SMART Priming at the Speed of Light

The same remarkable abilities that make UV8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer a perfect fit for SMART repairs also make it an ideal solution for any smaller, quick turnaround repair.

Work your way through the long, long list of advantage of using PPG’s UV8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer and you could be forgiven for thinking it sounds too good to be true. Can one product really be simple to use, fine to apply directly over bare metal and most plastics with no flash-off, high film builds, no gun cleaning and the ability to cure in just three minutes under an approved ultraviolet lamp? The answer is ‘yes’ to all these and more. In fact, UV8080 offers the incredible ability to work 75% faster on smaller jobs! No wonder it has become a regional best seller with many repairers integrating it into their everyday processes to boost speed and productivity. If you had to design a perfect product for priming smaller jobs, it’s likely you would come up with UV8080, says Chris Buswell, PPG Refinish Product Specialist.


“It starts with aerosol delivery – it’s more convenient and better suited to a quicker cycle-time because there is no mixing and no gun clean up afterwards. Just shake the can, spray the area required and cure it. There is no waste – you use only the amount of material for the job. Also, there is very little overspray so masking time and materials is reduced. Another big advantage is the fact that UV8080 can be applied straight over bare metal substrates and most plastics – it doesn’t need an etch primer as an adhesion promotor.”


“Film builds are also amazing! You can get up to 120 microns in a single application and there is no flash-off between coats. Perhaps, best of all, UV8080 cures in just three minutes using an approved ultraviolet lamp. Afterwards, it can be sanded and the topcoating process can start immediately. PPG has even sourced the very latest in high intensity, LED ultraviolet lamp technology, with the Honle LED UV Lamp. When it’s cured, UV8080 has a clear, transparent finish so the primer patch won’t increase the size of the repair and this saves on topcoat application.”


While it’s clearly an exceptional tool for SMART repairs, Chris says UV8080 has far wider applications. “The size of the job is really only limited by the area your ultraviolet curing lamp can cover – the bigger the light, the bigger the area. Having said that, it’s easy to cure one area and then just move the lamp to cover another or another. Multiple curing processes don’t add much cycle-time because they only take three minutes each. We recently went through the lengthy process of benchmarking UV8080 against its competitors and we were pleased to seek that it continues to perform as a market leader.”


To book a demonstration of UV8080 or for training on how to use ‘best practice’ processes to boost productivity, contact your PPG Representative or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24.