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Taking obsession to the next level

An obsession with improvement has helped leading spray equipment brand, SATA, cement its current premium model, the SATAjet® X 5500, as a market favourite.

Located within SATA headquarters in Kornwestheim, Germany, the SATA Repair Centre does much more than repair SATA equipment from across Europe and around the world. By obsessively sifting through the data on every single repair, the SATA management team is able to monitor its products right through their lifecycle. Understand exactly how SATA products are used in paint shops around the world gives the R&D team the data it needs to continually take its technologies to the next level. It’s this obsessive attention to detail which helped pack the company’s latest flagship model, the SATAjet X 5500, with features and technologies that make life easier than ever for painters. Although SATA technology doesn’t necessarily come cheap, says Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, the return on investment it gives technicians often means they become SATA users for life.
“Typically, all it takes is for a painter to actually try a SATA gun for themselves. The purchase price becomes irrelevant once they realise the SATAjet X 5500 is an exceptional piece of technology that lets them produce excellent work with ease. We have now seen it take over from its predecessor as the new benchmark for popularity and it has recently been joined by the uber-cool and stylish SATAjet X 5500 PHASER. The key innovation for both guns is the X-Nozzle System which offers painters ground-breaking nozzle options. In basic terms, the O-Nozzle is for a higher, more traditional SATA application speed, while the I-Nozzle is for a slightly slower, more controlled application. Whichever spray pattern you choose, the fan size and shape remain the same across the entire nozzle spectrum. Like never before, the X-Nozzle System lets painters perfectly tune their SATAjet X 5500. As well as finetuning it to their personal spraying preferences and the paint brand being used, they can also maximise its effectiveness in application conditions ranging from a cold, dry Melbourne winter to the heat and humidity of North Queensland.”
“There are several helpful options for choosing an X-Nozzle setup that is right for you. SATA’s Nozzle Finder app (free from Google Play or the App Store) or the SATA website, www.sata.com/nozzlefinder, can guide you through the process. Alternatively, simply contact the PPG training team or your local PPG Territory Manager or Protec Territory Manager – they are equipped with SATAjet X 5500s and nozzles setups and will be happy to let you trial them. Once you feel the SATA difference, we are confident you will love it just as much as all the other SATA users around the world!”
The SATAjet X 5500 and SATAjet X 5500 PHASER are available now from approved SATA distributors. A handy SATAjet X 5500 Setup Guide poster is available by contacting your PPG Territory Manager, your PPG Training Manager or call PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).