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Maintaining OEM Paint

Polishing / Waxing

There is an easy way to assess the condition of the paintwork and judge whether appropriate protective measures have been taken, or,  are necessary.

New and well maintained paintwork is water repellent, i.e. water droplets form a bead on the surface.

If the water fails to form beads after several car washes or after some time, this is an indication that the paint needs re-preserving.

  • The paintwork is in a very well maintained condition. The water droplets form beads on the paint.
  • If paintwork is still in a well maintained condition. Small puddles of water form.
  • if paintwork is in a poorly maintained condition. Larger pools of water form. Droplets no longer form beads.

Reapply polish and wax every 3 to 4 Months.

Intensive treatment: If the paint has started to fade then it is best to use a professional polishing machine.