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With the simple installation of an Internet accessible connection, your PAINTMANAGER® XI computer can tap into all the awesome benefits of PPG’s global colour network.

Imagine trying to run your collision centre without a reliable internet connection. Nowadays, it’s an absolutely indispensable element that gives you quick and easy access to customers, suppliers and work provides, as well as to important information resources. One of those information sources, which has become more crucial than ever over recent years, is PPG’s vast colour database. However, many collision centres still don’t have an Internet-enabled PaintManager XI computer in the mixing room. It’s important to understand that it’s not about access to the general worldwide web, it’s about automatically having the very latest colour matching information at your fingertips.
Colour matching on a global scale
PPG operates a network of colour matching laboratories in strategic locations around the globe and these colour experts who are at the coalface of PPG’s close partnerships with vehicle OEMs. As the automotive colour space constantly changes, PPG’s global colour network works hard to continuously feed updated data into the company’s colour network. For paint technicians around the globe, this is vital colour matching information but only if they can get access to it. This is why PPG is recommending that customers take advantage of this up-to-the-second colour matching data by installing a reliable Internet accessible connection to their PaintManager XI computer.
Support network
Although there are some basic requirements to meet, it’s relatively straightforward to install and your local PPG team will be happy to help. As well as providing you with details for the specifications of any hardware components, the PPG team can provide advice and assistance on how your Internet-enabled PaintManager XI computer can be setup to operate safely and efficiently. This includes limiting its access to authorised websites only in order to minimise the risk from malicious external sources.
Remote reporting and help
Along with daily automatic updates of colour matching data, there are extra bonuses. When needed, it gives the ability to grant remote access to PPG Helpdesk staff. This helps minimise downtime by allowing them to quickly and efficiently assist in resolving any software / hardware related issues that might crop up. In addition, it lets you run PaintManager XI reports at any time – even from home. It can be easily setup to have reports automatically emailed to you on a daily / weekly basis, as well as run reporting for multiple site operations.