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PPG launches ‘Traffic Solutions’ business unit

Following its late 2020 acquisition of specialist coatings manufacturer, Ennis-Flint, PPG has taken the opportunity to establish an all-new business unit called Traffic Solutions.

Along with approximately 1000 employees globally, a network of manufacturing facilities, including in Melbourne, and Asia / Pacific headquarters in Sydney, the recent acquisition of Ennis-Flint has injected even more specialist coatings capabilities. This has seen the creation of a new PPG business unit called Traffic Solutions which will be responsible for manufacturing and supplying a broad, global portfolio of pavement-marking products. This includes paint, thermoplastics and other advanced technologies to a diverse range of customers in government, military, contracting, commercial infrastructure, engineering and architecture. In addition, the newly-formed business unit will partner with PPG’s mobility team in order to identify opportunities to supply innovative coatings to help support infrastructure needs that enable autonomous driving and enhance future autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicle solutions.
Traffic Solutions joins PPG’s existing strategic business units – Architectural Coatings, Aerospace, Automotive Refinish, and Protective and Marine Coatings – as part of PPG’s Performance Coatings reportable segment. “We are excited about the new capabilities and growth opportunities in Traffic Solutions and the business unit’s complementary fit within PPG’s portfolio,” said Michael McGarry, PPG Chairman and CEO. “As we strive to enhance our existing mobility technologies, the Traffic Solutions business unit will expand our capability to support improved infrastructure for safer driver-assisted and autonomous driving systems.”