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Play it SMART with battery powered performance

Featuring advanced Li-ion technology and compact size, MIRKA’s latest battery powered tools offer game-changing performance whenever and wherever you need it.

Apart from using best practice processes, another crucial element of any productive SMART system is having tools that are going to get the job done with speed and efficiency. It’s here that technology is constantly evolving and repairers need to keep pace if they want to maintain profitability. Battery technology is an excellent example. It has improved rapidly in recent times and this has driven a compact, portable tool revolution which is being led by MIRKA’s latest devices, the AOS-B 33mm de-nibbing tool, the ARP-B 77mm polisher and the AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher. Not only does Li-ion battery technology make them powerful, high torque and long lasting, they also ditch the cord which means you can use them anywhere.
For instance, because it’s essential to get the colour matching process done early on a SMART repair, either of these 77mm polishers makes a super convenient tool for effectively polishing the job in order to get the most accurate spectro reading possible. Once the repair is complete, the nimble AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher provides the perfect balance between quickly extending the blend area by sanding with MIRKA Abralon abrasive, yet keeping the overall repair area as small as possible. Following clearcoat application, the AOS-B 33mm de-nibbing tool comes into action with its ability to closely target any imperfections in order to keep the subsequent polishing operation as short as possible. It’s the same for the final polishing process where the ARP-B 77mm polisher and the AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher, combined with MIRKA buff pads and Polarshine polishing compounds, get the job done with speed and end finish quality, whether it’s a silver colour right through to a dark black colour.
The compact size and easy manoeuvrability of these modern MIRKA tools also them an ideal solution for tackling many common repair areas, including internal spots, such as door jambs, wheel arches and engine bays, as well as externally, in areas such as on a complex bumper shape. Being small, lightweight and with no need to plug in a power cord, MIRKA’s battery powered tools make an easy addition to your SMART repair tool kit or you can set them up in a way that is most convenient to you. Indeed, with its latest ‘Systainer’ offer, MIRKA is including a handy carry case that contains everything needed, from the three tools mentioned above, along with a spare battery and charger, through to a selection of Polarshine polishes, buff pads (lambswool, yellow and black), de-nib roses, etc.
With their unrivalled ability to minimise the repair area, these hi-tech MIRKA tool do more than just save process time – they also save overall labour time and this builds more profitability into every job. And that is a very SMART move!