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Taking productivity to new heights

Sick of spending vast amounts of time sanding the large, flat surfaces on heavy vehicles? Why would you when MIRKA’s all new LEROS gets it done in a fraction of the time!

Looking up at the high, wide expanse of a Pantech-type trailer to be sanded for paint preparation is enough to make anyone feel gloomy. Not only is it a mind-numbingly boring and tiring process for the technician, the many labour hours it consumes makes it costly for the business. However, what if you could slash that labour time by 50% or even more and take the load off staff? Welcome to the awesome potential of MIRKA’s LEROS!
Long on speed, power and flexibility
Short for ‘Long Electric Random Orbital Sander’, the LEROS features a powerful, 350W brushless electric motor driving a 225mm sanding head, with 180° flexibility and a 5mm random orbital movement. It’s all mounted on a long, ergonomically designed shaft that gives it plenty of reach and the total weight is just 3.5kg. Commonly used for sanding walls and ceilings in buildings, it’s also perfect for any large, relatively flat surface. Indeed, local trials showed the clear potential LEROS has to revolutionise the sanding operation on trailers, boats, trains, trams, yachts and even curtains for curtain-sider trailers, says Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products.
“LEROS really shines when it’s faced with a big, flat surface so we trialled it on a Pantech-style trailer. We were told the traditional method took a day a half for a person to complete using a scissor lift and a conventional sander. I’m a total layman and it took me only around 30 minutes to complete using the LEROS and just three abrasive discs. That is a huge productivity increase in anyone’s language! At the same time, the 5mm random orbital motion delivers the exact scratch pattern we want for automotive paint preparation applications. Because a cherry-picker, scaffolding, etc. is, typically, no longer required, it saves cost and extra time, as well as reducing the potential for falls. There is even an optional extension shaft to extend the reach of the LEROS even further.”
Partnered with Iridium
To maximise performance, a range of 225mm discs (80 grit to 320 grit) have been launched in MIRKA’s state-of-the-art, paper-backed technology, ‘Iridium’. Not only is it capable of very quickly removing stock over a large area, the dust repelling abrasive surface and computer designed, laser-cut multi-hole pattern, gives Iridium super-efficient dust extraction, virtually clog-free performance and exceptional lifespan.
Comfortable from any angle
The dual vacuum suction point design, light weight and ergonomic layout of the LEROS means forces are transferred to the sanding head which makes life much easier for the operator, says Jason. “The strain on the operator is reduced immensely compared with conventional sanders. The vacuum suction actually helps keep the head firmly against the surface so the LEROS is very light and manoeuvrable. All the operator has to do is guide the tool across the surface. Combine this with the 180° flexibility of the head, its featherweight 3.5kg and its nicely balanced design and operators should find they can comfortably sand for long periods without fatigue.”
Demonstrated advantages
“We see the LEROS as being perfectly suited to the CT repair and relivery sector”, says Jason. “The best way to understand the advantages of this new MIRKA tool is to see it in action so contact your PPG Territory Manager or the PPG Customer Service Hotline (13 24 24 Aust or 0800 320 320 NZ) to organise a demonstration.”
The LEROS is available from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand