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Technology brings a breath of fresh air

Keeping painters protected in the workplace is vital to their wellbeing but what if the technology used could also boost business performance by minimising rework?

Technology is constantly improving and it’s important to take advantage – nowhere more so than when supplying breathing air to a painter in the spray booth. Basic cartridge filter masks have now given way to advanced air-fed hoods, such as the SATA® air vision 5000. Not only does this latest technology provide better protection than ever, the SATA air vision 5000 also features better vision, practicality and comfortable than ever before. Although this level of technology is not cheap to purchase, it’s actually cost effective when measured over its lifespan – a SATA air vision 5000 can easily provide a painter with well over 10 years of outstanding service.
Protecting painters and powering spray guns
At the end of the day, a key element of workplace safety for refinish painters is the quality of air they breathe while spraying in the booth. This makes the booth air filter unit extremely important. However, there is a second factor to consider when making your choice – the only thing powering your spray gun is compressed air. It not only has to be clean, it also needs a consistent airflow that avoids issues from pressure drop at the gun, even with multiple painters spraying at the same time. In other words, it’s about avoiding wasteful reworks that disrupt cycle-time and eat into profits. Since 1931, SATA air filtration units have been at the cutting edge and that includes the recently launched SATA 500 Filter Series which comes with a host of convenience and performance boosting features. The internals of the filters have received a major redesign to optimise their air treatment performance and you can rely on excellent airflow, of approximately 135cfm, which means consistent pressure to your spray guns. Filter maintenance for all three stages of the SATA 500 Filter Series is now every six months and a convenient in-built display clearly shows the time remaining.
Cost effective protection
What does this technology cost? It’s actually a cheap investment, when you do the sums – for most collision centres choosing a SATA 500 Filter Series it works out to just a couple of dollars per job. As well as aiming to minimise reworks, it looks after painters. If a painter gets sick, it’s obviously not great for that person but it also means they are not at work so a replacement is needed or production will suffer. It’s just one more reason to go with best and that’s SATA.
A comprehensive range of high-tech SATA spray equipment is available from your SATA distributor.