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The Real Deal

High-end kitchen or paint mixing room? The PPG paints and SATA spray guns probably give it away, while also making this a superb place to produce exceptional work!

Improvements and upgrades are a regular theme at the Real Steel Group, located in Queanbeyan, NSW. On any given day, the workshop is full of an eclectic mix of classic vehicles, from high-end Porsches and Ferraris to enduring Aussie favourites, in various stages of restoration but it goes much further than that, according to co-owner, Steve Mommsen.
“We aim to set the bar high in everything we do, including the facilities we give our team to work in. Our ongoing plan is about constantly evolving and improving everything and the latest step is the recent upgrade to our paint mixing room. There is high end joinery and stainless-steel work surfaces to help us keep it meticulously clean but the biggest feature is probably the custom gun cabinet. Our lead painter, David ‘Naz’ Narak, loves SATA guns and PPG paints and the paint team gets great results with them. Now the custom-built cabinet gives them a nice, secure place to display and store the guns. As well as this, we have a nice neat place for our PPG mixing system and our measuring equipment for wet and dry film build rates and gloss level. Soon we will be moving on to upgrade the paint shop area and, afterwards, we will do the main panel area. It’s a constant cycle of improvement.”
Formed in 2013, following the merger of two successful businesses (Real Steel Restoration and Devilish Racing), the Real Steel Group has gathered an extraordinary depth of capabilities under the one roof. It combines 15 skilled craftspeople with state-of-the-art equipment, says Steve.
“Jason Bobruk and his father, Ludy, had been running Real Steel Restorations for decades and we tied the two businesses together to create the group. Our specialty is classic car restorations but we also do classic car smash repairs and we have our CNC machine shop. Many of the parts for these ‘old girls’ you simply can’t get anymore so we make them. Today, we run ten different CNC machines and we even machine high end parts for defence / military applications. Coincidently, that is where we use a lot of PPG products from the Aerospace Coatings and Commercial Performance Coatings ranges, along with PPG refinish coatings for the entire automotive side of the business. In addition to our coachbuilders and custom car guys, we have the ability to fabricate pretty much anything that is needed. That sets the Real Steel Group apart. When it comes to custom stuff, we probably have the highest capability of any shop in the country!”