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In a collision repair centre where the spray booth is a limiting factor for production capacity, EnviroFIVE provides a great option to cut booth cycle-time without investing in extra equipment. Even if you don’t need the outright speed, by reducing the bake temperature to 40°C, EnviroFIVE still cures in 20 minutes and saves even more on energy costs. A long pot life (compared to ‘fast’ clears) means it can be used on a spot repair, to a couple of panels or even larger jobs and it still produces an excellent end result.

“Users were blow away by the fact that EnviroFIVE came with no compromises. For a start, where other ‘express’ or ‘fast’ clears can be finicky to apply and struggled to retain gloss after baking, they found EnviroFIVE very easy to apply and to reproduce a factory clearcoat finish, no matter what the vehicle type. Typically, the excellent finish ‘off the gun’ was then exactly what came out of the booth. After hearing all that you could be forgiven for thinking EnviroFIVE might have polishing ‘issues’ but no – once cooled, it can easily be polished, if it needs polishing at all. These advantages are all thanks to PPG’s global R&D team who came up with an all new resin technology that effectively rewrote the rulebook for modern clearcoats. Conventional clearcoats cure in around 40 minutes and express or rapid clears can trim it to around 15 to 20 minutes, but EnviroFIVE cuts cure time to just five minutes at 60°C panel temperature. What’s more, no flash off is needed between coats or prior to baking, it’s not affected by humidity and the shorter bake time also saves on booth energy consumption.”
EnviroFIVE clear has been developed using the latest PPG clearcoat technology to enhance the innovative PPG ENVIROBASE High Performance basecoat system. EnviroFIVE provides bodyshops with “Speed without compromise”. An easy to use clearcoat which combines the ultimate high speed drying, easy polish and unparalleled flexibility for all repairs. Unlike other fast clearcoats, EnviroFIVE dries in 5 min at 60 degrees or 20 min at 40 degrees and still delivers a market leading final appearance which can be polished right after cooling down. Is comes with a smart and simple package with one hardener and dedicated thinners for varying temperature applications.

LVC-105 EnviroFIVE Clearcoat is designed for use with PPG’s bestselling, ENVIROBASE® High Performance low-VOC paint system.

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