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Automotive Refinish






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A solvent and detergent cleaner which will remove most water and some solvent based contaminants from vehicles finishes prior to sanding. Ideal for cleaning of plastic substrates, removal of standing sludge and neutralising chemically stripped surfaces. Download
Water-Methylated Spirits Cleaner
A ready for use product, it contains a mixture of demineralised water & high grade methylated spirit solvents. It is designed to remove waterborne contaminants from previously painted substrates before any sanding, priming or topcoating is carried out. Download
SX401 Gun Cleaner    
SX520 Metal Conditioner A phosphoric based conditioner that will deposit a uniform layer of zinc phosphate on properly prepared galvanised and steel surfaces. Download


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Advanced Plastic Bond
Ready for use plastic primer that utilises PPG NanoAdhesion technology that is designed to deliver superior adhesion to all common automotive plastic substrates. Advanced Plastic Bond may be overcoated with any PPG 2K topcoat, flexibilised if necessary. Download
1K Structural Repair Etch Primers
The Structural Repair Etch Aerosols have been developed to reproduce internal structural area colour. They are designed to refinish new or repaired structural areas including new e-coat internal replacement panels.
There are 7 colours as well as a 1K Clear (SXA-SR40) to allow the gloss level to be controlled as required.
1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primers
1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer is supplied ready for use in an easy to use Aerosol . This product is ideal for use over a variety of substrates on rub through areas and small spot repairs, it can be used as a wet on wet primer or dried and sanded prior to topcoating with Deltron, Delfleet, Cobra, 2K or Envirobase HP. The product is available in four shades of grey: G3-G5-G6-G7. Download
UV8080 UV8080 OneChoice UV Cured Primer is a unique UV cured primer suitable for A4 size repairs. Repair process times using UV8080 are extremely rapid, with easy application from ready-to-spray aerosol packaging and just a 3 minute through-cure time using a suitable UV lamp. Download


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SXA860 Blending Thinner SXA860 Blending Thinner is a premium quality blending solvent specially designed for blending PPG 2K Clearcoats including UHS Clearcoats, DG topcoats and Wet-On-Wet primers where part or spot panel repairs are being carried out. Download


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Anti-Silicone Additive
Developed to be used in 2 Pack Topcoats when silicone cratering (fisheyes) occurs during the painting process. Download
Matt Black
A premium quality, exterior grade lacquer that’s perfect for a variety of
convenient, time saving uses, such as on window frames, sills, the bottom of bumpers, inside wheel arches and underneath on the chassis.
1K Structural Repair Clear
The 1K Structural Repair Clear has been developed to compliment the 1K Structural Repair Etch range. It has been designed to allow the gloss level of the primer to be controlled as required as well as sealing off basecoats used in the internal repair process. Download