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Finer grits expand Iridium advantage

Adding two finer grits to the Iridium® range provides even greater opportunity to reap the productivity rewards of using MIRKA’s trailblazing paper-backed abrasive technology!

Global surface finishing specialist, MIRKA, has a long history of thinking-outside-the-square to develop advanced technologies and Iridium is the latest example. Thanks to an entirely new manufacturing process that precisely places abrasive grains onto the backing material, more grains per disc and a UV cured resin which locks the grains down, as well as creating a dust repelling surface, Iridium is perfectly tuned to the modern repair process. Features include an aggressive cut, exceptional lifespan and remarkable dust extraction. Indeed, Iridium’s ability to deliver a productivity return-on-investment that far outweighs any extra cost per disc, saw it quickly become a favourite with repairers looking to save process time, materials and overall job cost.
Finer grits (P800 & P1000) join the range
While the initial Iridium range did an outstanding job, there were certain situations where a finer grit would be handy so the local PPG team put in a request to MIRKA head office which has now seen P800 and P1000 join the range. Iridium in P800 offers a particularly effective solution for everyday tasks, such as the preparation of blend areas, while P1000 can also come into play for preparing blend areas on jobs that involve more difficult or sensitive colours. In addition, it provides an effective option for tasks, such as the removal of excessive orange-peel or paint defects, etc.
Excellent ROI
As a new technology, the initial purchase price of Iridium is a little higher but it delivers a strong return-on-investment, according to Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products. “We put Iridium to the test under local conditions. Over two full days the entire Iridium range went up against eight other premium abrasives and we used a scientific approach to ensure the results were accurate. Using a detailed cost analysis, we found that Iridium not only out performs the best, its impressive ability to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp also made it a more cost-effective option when compared to conventional technologies that sold on price, rather than performance. However, we are not asking repairers to take our word for it. Just give Iridium a go and prove it for yourself – many already have and have become instant converts.”