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PPG Advances Sustainability to Protect and Beautify the World
‘We Protect and Beautify the World™’ is more than just a tagline for PPG, a fact highlighted by the publishing of its 2018 Sustainability Report. 

UV8080 Makes a SMART Choice
When looking to focus on smaller, quick turnaround repairs, the ability to work 75% faster is an absolute no-brainer, says Greg Tunks, PPG MVP Business Solutions Manager ANZ.

Honouring the ‘Heroes of Chemistry’
A team of PPG automotive OEM coatings scientists have been singled out for the prestigious 2019 ‘Heroes of Chemistry’ award for the discovery and development of the innovative B1:B2™ Compact Paint System.

New SATA Nozzle Tech is the X Factor for Painters
Thanks to SATA’s radical new X-Nozzle System, the SATAjet X 5500 can be perfectly setup to suit every painter, their chosen paint brand and their application conditions.

Five Minutes of Fame
Since launching in mid-2018, PPG’s LVC-105 EnviroFIVE Clearcoat has become an instant best seller and the ability to cure in only five minutes is just one of its advantages!

New PPG Organisation Enhances Vehicle OEM Support
Despite already having close partnerships with virtually every major vehicle OEM on the planet, PPG is about to take these relationships to the next level. 

A Cut Above the Rest
Manufactured using leading-edge abrasive technology, the new Iridium® range from MIRKA is engineered to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp to save you time and money.

Take a Step Back
It’s extremely rare to be able to eliminate a whole step from a repair process but this is exactly what PPG’s new LVA-650 EnviroLOCK Plastic Primer Converter lets you do.

Major Milestone for PPG
Team Penske Partnership