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No compromise savings with STARTLINE

By sourcing quality, no compromise products at a very reasonable cost, the Startline brand gives consumers access to high performance everyday collision centre consumables that won’t break the budget. Here are a few examples of what the ‘purple’ brand has to offer.

Startline Nitrile disposable gloves – As the first point of contact for most workshop tasks, hands can take a battering so Startline Nitrile Disposable Gloves offer a solution that is both comfortable and cost effective. Like all Startline products, these powder-free and latex-free gloves have been thoroughly tested in local workshops conditions. They leave no residue or contamination and feedback shows that users are particularly impressed with the grip from the textured surface, the excellent chemical resistance and the long lifespan. Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.
Startline Safety Glasses – With distinctive Startline purple trim, these safety glasses look stylish as they provide clear vision while protecting one of your most important assets. Conforming to Australian Standards, they feature a wrap-around design for good side, as well as frontal protection, along with clear lenses which are scratch-resistant and provide UV protection. Being comfortable to wear for long periods was a design priority, with adjustable arms helping to ensure a snug fit.
Startline Tack-Rag – How many tack-rags does your paint shop go through in a week, month or year? Chances are it’s plenty so it’s wise to choose carefully! Startline Tack-Rags offers offer an inexpensive solution but don’t skimp when it comes to reliably getting the job done day-in, day-out. Your team gets the excellent performance it needs for efficient production, yet at a typical Startline value-for-money price.
Startline Microfibre Cloth – Custom made for the Startline brand, these quality microfibre clothes are a cost-effective solution you can rely on. Measuring 40cm X 40cm and feature soft and luxurious 320g/m² short and long weave fibres, they are a perfect paint shop asset and, after use, you can simply give them a wash and do it all over again!
Startline TOPAZ® abrasives – By hitting the sweet spot in terms of cutting performance, dust extraction, lifespan and cost per disc, the Topaz abrasives range has become a star performer in the local market. Smart operators have recognised that these specially selected abrasives can be relied on to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Available in grits from P40 up to P800 and in a variety of options to suit different applications, Topaz is an absolute gem wherever it’s used on the shopfloor.
Startline Pneumatic Sander – Built tough for a long and productive service life, this sander can take the punishment and continued to perform, day-in, day-out. It’s also versatile – each Startline Pneumatic Sander kit comes complete with a vacuum hose and vacuum bag which means it doesn’t need the cost and complexity of an external vacuum system. As a hardwearing, no compromise tool, it’s not only the smart choice for everyday workshop use, it’s also the perfect partner to use with the Startline Topaz abrasives.
For the latest product releases and up-to-date brand news or to find your nearest distributor, check out the Startline website at: www.startlineproducts.com.a