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PPG's colour network spans the globe, providing the grassroots support local cusotmers need ... that makes PPG the No.1 formula for colour.


We all know that having the right tools makes getting the job done so much quicker and easier. Choosing PPG gives you access to an unmatched range of the latest colour identification tools that helps take the guesswork out of colour matching.  It starts with the industry leading Paint ManagerTM colour retrieval system.



PPG also sets the standard in spectrophotometer electronic colour identification technology which is seen as the future of colour matching. PaintManager™ and the RapidMatch™ X-5 spectrophotometer are the industry leaders for speed and efficiency. Fast and easy to use, PaintManager™ is a feature packed colour retrieval system. An innovative search solution saves precious time by identifying which formulation (including variants and specials) is closest to the vehicle in your workshop. Reporting and tracking functions minimise wastage and maximise profitability.

Exclusive to PPG, RapidMatch™ X-5 dramatically reduces colour matching time. Using hi-tech optics, the RapidMatch™ X-5 spectrophotometer scans a painted surface to precisely measure its colour. It links to PaintManager™ to select the closest colour match from primes, variants and specials. PPG colour tools – the keys to paint shop productivity!  Ask a PPG Representative to explain how RapidMatch™ X-5 can make identifying the closest colour match as simple and fast as Click & Go!

Spectrophotometer electronic colour identification technology

Coloursense: Training that Makes Sense

Spending a little time on colour training can save a great deal of time in the long term. No matter how experienced you are there are always tips, tricks and techniques that can help sharpen your skills and a PPG training course is an ideal place to learn them. Some of the most popular courses include Colour Adjustment 1 & 2. Held at PPG training centres around the region, the courses are hands-on and cover a wide variety of topics, including:
  • Why OEM colour variations occur
  • How to make better use of colour tools
  • A variety of advanced blending techniques
  • The latest techniques and processes for dealing with single stage, basecoat/clearcoat and tri-coat colours.
Training class
After just one PPG training course it’s common for paint technicians to save at least one hour of labour per day back in the workshop.  In an industry climate where skilled technicians are difficult to recruit, that makes PPG colour training an ideal way to up-skill current staff with the knowledge and confidence they need to get the job done more efficiently and with a superior end result.

Coloursense: Show your Vibrance!

When you want a dream finish for a hot rod, street machine, custom car, motorcycle or truck, PPG’s Vibrance brand gives you the hottest ticket to the coolest colours! You’ll find the absolute latest in innovative pigment technologies and radical special effects colours that allow you to choose from subtly mild to totally wild.  

The vast Vibrance collection is constantly expanded to ensure it remains at the cutting edge. Well-known high-energy favourites, like Ditzler®, Crystallance®, Harlequin®, Radiance™ II Candy, Prizmatique® and Crystal Pearl™ have been joined by striking new releases, including Liquid Crystal™, Starfire™, Luminescence and Flamboyance.  The result is unprecedented choice and virtually unlimited artistic freedom to create your own one-of-a-kind finish.
Colour paint tins

Equally impressive, these awesome finishes are straightforward to use and fully compatible with PPG’s popular GRS paint system. There’s even a Vibrance colour deck and colour cards that allow you to view samples from the range before making the final decision to purchase or mix a colour. For custom finishes that literally turn heads, draw crowds and receive award winning recognition, choose PPG Vibrance – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!