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FleetSpec is a custom specification that’s tailored to the needs of each individual fleet.

Working together with you, PPG technical specialists will identify the exact design, colours, paint products and processes required for each vehicle type in your fleet. This information is compiled into a manual which is your unique ‘FleetSpec’.

This FleetSpec manual is then distributed to all FleetPool members and is updated as necessary. In that way, anyone needing to paint any vehicle in your fleet knows the precise systems and colours to use so that they match every time. Importantly, it’s also fully supported by PPG technical advice and expertise.

FleetSpec makes managing your fleet's paint maintenance simpler and more cost-efficient by giving you:

  • Paint products and processes specified to ensure maximum performance and longevity of finish. The exact colour, design and quality consistency on all vehicles in your fleet, keeping them looking great all the time.
  • Reduced costs through reduced repaints over the vehicle’s lifetime. Reduced vehicle downtime.