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Common Defects

Dirt / Seed/ Bits

A rough, irregular surface to the paint film, is easily felt with the hand.  The particles are often totally embedded in, and covered by the paint film.

Airborne particles settling on and becoming incorporated in the paint film during or immediately after spraying.

  • Flatten or de-nib the affected area with fine abrasive using a sander or block
  • Polish with Mechanical polisher


Acid/Solvent attack

Irregular patches of roughened, discoloured, partly stripped or disintegrating surface, possibly with crazing or cracking in the affected area. Traces of the attacking substance may be present.

Caused in shipping transport from hydraulic fluids on ships, Caused by shipping on car transporters or
Brake fluid or similar has been spilled onto paint.

  • Light damage may be remedied by flatting with fine abrasive using soft block or sander then polished using a mechanical polishing machine  
  • In the event of more severe attack, remove the paint down to a sound surface, ensure that all traces of contaminants are removed, and repaint.


Water Spotting

Looks like water droplets (white rings) that have dried on the paint film and caused discolouration.