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Iridium is a cut above the rest!

When creating its advanced paper-backed abrasive that cuts fast, repels dust and has a long lifespan, MIRKA absolutely nailed the brief with Iridium® – just ask all the happy end users!

The best way to appreciate the across-the-board advantages of MIRKA’s Iridium range is simply to test it against the paper-backed abrasive you are currently using. That is exactly what the local product team did, explains Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products.
Put to the test
“We spent two full days running back-to-back comparisons of the Iridium range against eight other premium abrasives. To ensure accurate results, we even used ‘blind testing’ and a scientific approach. I have to say, the MIRKA R&D team really nailed every aspect of its Iridium development brief. It has a fantastic initial cut but then just keeps going, on and on, which gives it a long lifespan. At the same time, the new MIRKA-developed resin that secures the abrasive grains to the paper also gives it a non-stick characteristic which repel dusts. As a result, local users are reporting excellent dust extraction, without the clogging that causes frustrating pigtail swirls in the surface. All these advantages became clear, thanks to the comparison. Iridium not only outperformed premium rivals, the full cost analysis also showed it’s more cost effective to use and actually has better Return On Investment (ROI) compared to conventional technologies that sell on a budget price, rather than performance. Local users are also recognising the benefits. Whenever local repairers put Iridium to the test, it becomes a very easy sell – everyone who tries Iridium, loves it!”
Thinking outside the box
“When it comes to the value equation, it’s important for users to calculate the ‘per item’ price for Iridium. For example, although a box of Iridium discs may cost more than some rivals, it contains 100 discs which is typically more than competitors. By dividing the box cost by the 100 items it contains, the cost per disc is actually less, in many cases. Adding Iridium’s long lifespan is an extra bonus when working out the ROI!”
Size and range
“Iridium is now available in coarse (40) through to fine grits (1000) making it perfect for tackling everyday tasks. This includes paint stripping (it powers through the hardest clearcoats), paint preparation (the scratch pattern is tuned to primers and fillers) and the removal of excessive orange-peel or paint defects. Iridium also comes in three sizes – traditional 150mm discs, 80X400mm which can be split into 2 sheets of 80x200mm (perfect for the MIRKA DEOS that offers fast, fatigue-free electric blocking of body filler and high build primer) and 225mm discs to fit the MIRKA LEROS, the all-new tool for quickly and easily sanding large, high and wide surfaces. Today, it’s crucial to invest in products that reduce cycle-time and this is exactly what Iridium does. All you need to do is prove it for yourself.”
PPG is the exclusive distributor of MIRKA products across Australia and New Zealand.