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In addition to its advanced feature set and convenient daily updates via the Internet, the network-capable PaintManager XI® software program now provides formulations for OEM cars and trucks, commercial fleets and custom colors–plus service for the Light Industrial segment–all within one convenient application. Streamlined paint tracking and cloud based reporting features make it even easier for customers to manage and evaluate shop performance.

Confident color matching

Information that is current assures business process success. The PaintManager® XI software embodies system solution innovation that takes the guesswork out of formula retrieval.

Reduce waste, save time

Estimating with accuracy – the amount of color, clear or primer needed for a repair is now achievable with the enhanced Estimate Volume feature

Partner up

There is strength in numbers and when the paint mixing operation teams up with industry leading management partners – strong bonds form to deliver paint consumption metrics, evaluate materials usage and generate financial performance indicators.

High marks for accurate mixing

By far the most important operation – auditing the mixing room operation promotes teamwork, shares best practices and affords better training opportunities.



PaintManager™ is renowned for its fast and efficient access to colour formulations. Now a new version of this industry leading colour retrieval system has been launched to ensure it continues to set the benchmark.
It retains all the user-friendly functionality of the original and adds a long list of convenient and helpful new features and functions. This advanced tool combines accurate and efficient colour searching and mixing with a comprehensive package of reporting and tracking functions designed to help managers make informed decisions on material usage, mixing efficiency, inventory and much more.

New features for PaintManager™ include:

Historic matches after tinter replacement
Allows you to use up obsolete tinters on your shelf.

'Suspend’ option
Particularly useful when you find you don’t have all the ingredients. Simply ‘suspend’ the mix and restart later.

Spread mixes across multiple jobs
Whether it’s primer, colour or clearcoat, mix one batch and assign usage to different jobs.

Volume estimator
Provides a handy paint volume guide based on the size and type of vehicle.

Minimum mix button
Calculates the smallest amount a formulation can be accurately mixed in without jeopardising colour match.

Advanced formula comparison
Enables up to four formulas to be displayed and compared on screen at one time.

Simplified custom formula features
Modify an existing colour and save with no need to re-key.

They join existing PaintManager™ features, such as:

  • Flagged variants and specials for easy identification.
  • PPG RapidMatch™ spectrophotometer interface with full search functionality to select from primes, variants and specials.
  • ‘Job Management’ allowing paint materials to be allocated per job.

Speak to your PPG Representative to arrange installation of PaintManager™ software.