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Automotive Refinish


AUTOTHANE® Refinish System

The economical and dependable refinish solution
Designed as a value-for-money option aimed at general refinish work, the Autothane® paint system consists of a selection of primers, clearcoats, hardeners and thinners which all come with the dependable performance you need to get the job done without fuss.
The user-friendly primer range provides strong adhesion over a wide array of substrates, while the line-up of clearcoats produce good gloss straight off the gun and are easy to polish with a minimum of effort. What’s more, there is a choice of hardeners and thinners which give the user the added flexibility of being able to adjust the product to suit a variety of application conditions. Easy to mix and straightforward to use and apply, the Autothane® paint system features proven product formulations that deliver reliable results under harsh local conditions.
When you are looking for a cost effective alternative, the Autothane® paint system is the product you can use with confidence to efficiently tackle everyday refinish tasks and produce consistent results and long term durability.
For more information contact the PPG Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).