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  UV8080 answers the need-for-speed

  Curing in just three minutes under an approved UV light, such as the Honle LED UV 
  Lamp, makes UV8080 the perfect tool for today’s fast paced repair environment.
  Modern collision centres are constantly searching for ways to trim small amounts of
  time from their cycle-time. However, what if you could actually work up to 75%   
  quicker on smaller repairs just by using one product? As incredible as it sounds,
  UV8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer is well and truly capable of achieving this result
  in your workshop. Part of the super-efficient ONECHOICE® universal ancillary brand,
  it can be used on all common substrates, including plastics, and is compatible with
  PPG, PROTEC and MAXMAYER premium topcoat systems.
  Advantages start with aerosol simplicity – just shake the can and spray the required
  area. Absolutely no flash-off is required and UV8080 has the ability to cure in just
  three minutes under an approved ultraviolet lamp. Once cured, it can be sanded and
  the primer / topcoat process can begin immediately. There is no waste because you
  use only what is needed for the job and minimal overspray means it also saves on
  masking time, materials and disposal costs. Extra time is saved by not having to mix
  product and clean contains and a spray gun. What’s more, UV8080 achieves extraordinary film builds of up to 120 microns in a single application. The clear, transparent cured finish ensure the UV8080 primer patch won’t increase the repair size which, in turn, saves on topcoat application.

Honle LED UV Lamp

Combining perfectly with UV8080 is the Honle LED UV Lamp. Engineered and manufactured in Germany by leading brand, Dr. Honle AG, it features the latest in LED technology. For example, the precisely arranged LEDs produce consistent light distribution and, overall, the unit uses less power, requires no warm-up or cool down phase and has a far longer service life – typically, more than 20,000 hours! The Honle LED UV Lamp only emits light in the UV-A spectrum ensuring it’s safe to use when wearing the appropriate PPE (gloves and goggles are supplied with the unit). Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle in either hand-held mode or attached to the optional stand.
Graphic demonstration
Weigh up all the advantages and it’s easy to see why UV8080 has become a favourite with high volume repairers across the region. The speed described and illustrated in the graphic (below) is not something that just happens in a demonstration – it’s backed by everyday results from customers.
Key features:
  • No flash-off
  • Three-minute cure
  • Amazing film-build
  • Aerosol convenience
This graphic shows the extraordinary time saving of using UV8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer.