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This simple to use additive removes a complete coating layer from the plastics repair process.

Mixing LVA-650 EnviroLOCK Plastics Primer Converter with LVP-201/5/7 EnviroLOCK Primers allows EnviroLOCK to be applied directly to most commonly used plastics without the need for D820 Plastics Adhesion Promoter. This represents a significant saving in both material and labour.

When preparing LVP-201/5/7 EnviroLOCK, use LVA-650 in place of LVT coded thinners. The application and drying properties are unaffected, but now EnviroLOCK will adhere to plastic.

Prior to painting, prepare the plastic surface as per normal the PPG recommended process. Apply EnviroLOCK with LVA-650 in the mix, directly to the plastic.

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